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Foster parents have a direct impact on the lives of homeless dogs and cats!  By becoming a TARA foster home, you will provide love and shelter for an animal who would otherwise have to live in the shelter environment.  While living in the shelter is better than being on the street or ending up euthanized, it is still loud and stressful and many animals struggle to maintain their spirit when in the shelter for long periods of time.

Foster parents provide love and structure at a time in an animal’s life when they need it the most.  We have also found that animals who are adopted from a foster home rather than the shelter, have better success rates in their forever homes as we are able to tell their new family more about their personalities and needs, ensuring a better match.

Foster homes may provide temporary housing for as little as a few days to as long as several months.  It really can be an experience tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Foster homes are an invaluable part of our adoption program and the more foster homes we have, the more animals we can save!  

You will be rewarded with so much joy and happiness in finding a pet a new home. Thank you!

Foster Parent Requirements

  2. Be willing to have a home inspection.
  3. Understand and agree with our program’s goals, requirements and mission statement*.
  4. Bring your foster pet to our adoption events. The more exposure they get, the better their chance of finding a forever home!
If you have questions or would like to find out more
about fostering with The Animal Rescue Alliance,
please contact us at email@tarasdream.org.

*As a volunteer with The Animal Rescue Alliance, it is important that you share in our mission and are a good representation of the group to the public at large.  Because it is imperative that our mission be upheld and not undermined by any of our members we are asking that, before you decide to volunteer as a Foster Parent, you read our mission and the following statements and be sure that you are in agreement and will follow them at all times.

T.A.R.A. Mission & Statement of Beliefs 









  • Give your foster animal lots of attention and affection. The animal may have lived a difficult life before coming to your home; your love and attention will help to heal the animal's physical and psychological wounds.

  • Learn as much as you can about pet care. Before you bring your foster animal home, learn as much as you can about caring for that animal. Read about feeding, grooming and training. Study the warning signs that may indicate the animal needs veterinary attention.

  • Make your home pet-friendly. Before you bring your foster animal home, make sure you "pet proof" your home. For example, remove poisonous plants and protect furnishings. Keep the animal's room warm and comfortable. Also, take steps to prevent the animal from escaping. Wire crates are recommended. Keep your pets up-to-date on their vaccinations. All animals should be current on the vaccinations that protect them from diseases. Introduce your foster pet to your own pets properly.

  •   Your own pets should be and are required to be current on their vaccinations. Before taking a new animal into your home, please ask us for advice on how to properly introduce this new animal to your own pet.

  • R ecognize your limits. Fostering requires a great deal of time and energy - both emotional and physical. Don't over extend yourself by fostering animals too frequently; you may burn yourself out.

  •   The Rescue Organization depends on you to make its program work. Be sure to be available for scheduled meeting with potential homes or adoption events. If you decide to adopt an animal you foster, go through the organization's normal adoption process. If a friend or relative wants to adopt the animal you are fostering, that person must go through the organization 's adoption process.

  •   Understand that some foster animals will not survive. Many animals who arrive in rescue come from unknown backgrounds, difficult situations and contaminated environment. Despite your best efforts, the animal you foster may develop a severe illness that cannot be treated. Do the best you can to help the animal, but accept the fact that you cannot save them all.

  •   Although fostering takes a great deal of time and commitment, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You are temporarily providing a needy animal with a loving home environment and helping that animal become more suitable for adoption into a responsible, lifelong home.


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