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10/18/2021 1:14 PM


Animal Success Stories
home sweet home

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Luana and Bart were adopted together. Their new family reports: Yes they are getting settled - Luana (now Onyx) met with Mowgli last night. Theyre testing each others boundaries a bit No vomit issues for Bartholomew, thank goodness!! He and Mo are meeting tonight - his new name is Oliver


Hes so wonderful!!! We both love him so much. Stella is doing much better with him. Shes not 100% sure about him yet, but she will at least be in the same room with him. Lily and I love him so much. He sleeps with lily. They are best buds. Hes the sweetest little baby.


She looks right at home (in her new home:)


Virginia, We are going on 10 months since I brought Bella home and wanted to give you a quick update. All of the challenges have been worth it! She is the most sweet, loving dog and can never get enough love. Wherever I am, she is as close as she can get next to me and immediately rolls on her back for belly rubs from any human she meets. She has added so much to my life and I am thankful that Taras Hope was there to rescue her more than once! Thank you all for what you do Keri and Bella


Hi Virginia, Needless to say, she has taken our hearts! She is amazing and fitting in great. Her new name is Sadie and she already is responding to that. Leash walks are a bit of a challenge right now, but I have a no-pull harness on order, so it will get better. She is definitely eager to please and loves to learn. Thanks again for allowing us to bring her into our lives! Tom and Nancy

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