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This is Hazelnut who I was able to adopt from TARA. I had to send her to heaven January 24 because of cancer. She was my best buddy. She took good care of me and I tried to take good care of her. I will miss her bunches but know she will be waiting for me on the rainbow bridge when I get there. I love you Hazel!!!!

Good Morning, I wanted to let you all know that we had to put Ivy down last night. We adopted Ivy (Krista- Ivy) from TARA in 2013. She has been such an important part of our family. Her health has declined in the last year and we had to make a very tough decision to put her down. We had the vet come to our home and it was very peaceful. Shelley is who fostered her before we adopted her, but I do not have her contact any longer. I wasnt sure if you all kept in contact with Shelley any longer but if so, I thought it would be nice to let her know about Ivys passing. We adopted Bleu (Blue Moon) in Jan of 2016 and he is still in good health. I know he will miss his sister, but we hope to continue to love on him and give him extra attention during this very difficult time for all of us. Thank you for letting us have so many great memories with Ivy for the last 8 years. She will remain in our hearts forever.

I adopted Stogie about 13 years ago. He was my friend and companion for all that time. He was a very loving dog and loved in return. He left me today and he is now in heaven. Thanks so much in sharing him with me. Roberta

Hi Virginia, Thank you so much for the nice note. Yes, what we had assigned as Otto's birthday when we first adopted him was just a few days before he passed - his 15th. Knowing that the time was near, a photographer friend of mine came over and did a last family photo session with us. I've attached those photos. He really was the best dog. And Lucy is doing GREAT. She is a real character! We adopted another cat, Snick, from the cat cafe and had a cat behaviorist work with us on blending them since we knew Lucy had issues in the past. It is nice to see her come out of her shell with a playmate. (Okay, I added a photo of the cats, too.) Thanks for everything you all do. Truly amazing. Best, Kate

Good morning, TARA! We wanted to reach out to you to let you know that we lost our precious Shiela this morning. Our family was with her, and the end was very peaceful. We adopted her from your organization over 14 years ago. She has been an amazing dog!!! We couldn't have asked her to be any better than she was! According to your records, Shiela came to us from an abusive background. When we got her, she was leary of men and scared to death to enter a car. She quickly overcame both of those issues, and absolutely loved to ride in the car with my husband to go get an ice cream cone!!! She lived a long and happy life with our family, and we are going to miss her beyond measure. We just wanted to let you know how much she meant to our family, and how happy we are that your organization made it possible for us to have her in our lives! Thank you, the Baumgardner Family

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