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Animal Success Stories
So Happy to Be Home!

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Hi! I hope this e-mail finds you and your four-legged friends well! I wanted to send you an update now that we have reached our two-week mark. Yeah! Before I get started though - please let me know if it is okay to use these e-mail addresses. I want to keep you all updated from time to time but want to make sure I am sending them to a convenient e-mail address. Thanks! I can hardly believe we have reached two weeks since we picked up the love of our life! Deeks has grown so much with us and us with him since that day. He is getting more and more comfortable with his surroundings and recognizing our routine. He has traveled to his first girls softball game. The drive was only about 40 minutes from our home so he just rode in the backseat with Jenaye happily looking out the window and snuggling with her. He was such a good boy while there with all the activity going on. Of course, he was the star of the show. You have never seen so many girls going all mushy over a dog! :-) Deeks has also been on his very first shopping adventure to Petsmart. He was so well behaved and even made friends with the other dogs there that day. We were able to get Deeks set up at the local vet and he went for his first visit yesterday. The vet was very impressed with him and his health. She also commented on how impressed she was with the paperwork you all sent with us with his medical information. She has never seen a rescue take that much effort and be that precise with the medical information that is given including when the next dosage of medication is due, etc. So please know that your hard work and effort has not gone unnoticed! We now have Deeks established and are ready for the ongoing followups, etc. We are looking into fencing in our back yard. We walk him multiple times a day and have play time in the house but it isn't the same as being able to be "free". We hope to get something going soon so he can truly enjoy the outdoors the way he should. He does get to relax outside some under the shade tree while we are out in the yard. He likes to take it easy. I just want to thank you all again for everything you did for Deeks and for our family. We are truly enjoying each other and love being a family! Wishing you all the best! The Suever's & Deeks


Hello Tracey, I forgot about you asking for a pic of Ethos...so here he is. Sweetest little mongrel! His typical "hello" consists of a huge lick to whatever part of you he can get to! Oh, and as you can see from behind him, he REALLY likes to chew up shoes!


Socrates happy at home.


So - exciting news. Mona and I moved to Denver! She LOOOOVVVEESSS it here. I have a house with a yard, and she just lays out there and chases squirrels. She's even lost a bunch of weight. I'll text you some photos. My boyfriend works from home, so she's rarely home alone. I STILL can't believe someone gave her up. Such a good dog. And she's been exposed to lots of small dogs...and she loves them. She loves all dogs.


We just wanted to let you know we love Emma. She fits in the family beautifully. We appreciate her foster mom and are so happy she is ours. She still thinks she is a person. Thanks!

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