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So Happy to Be Home!

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Hi Virginia, I thought you might enjoy this picture of Buddy and Max. Buddy is doing great and he has no health issues. The little guy is settled in and I cant imagine how things would be without him. He is home :) Lisa


We love her! The cat thinks we are crazy and has been quite vocal to us about this. But the dog has been very good with him--wanting to sniff him but wisely not getting too close. Hopefully, given time the cat will figure out that he will not be chased to ground by the big, black shadow that has moved in. We have tried out several names for her and were settling on Beatrix until I called her Bellatrix and that was the end of that. Declan chose Caoimhe (KWEE-va), an Irish name that means beautiful, precious, beloved, gentle, and graceful. Perfect. She is working on a graceful as steps seem to be quite a conundrum. The cat is pleased with this as it means Caoimhe wont follow him into the basement. Sunday it took Caoimhe until quarter to 3 to finally stop exploring and lie down. She has survived a bath, nail clipping, weighing, daily walks, and a run around with Declan. Shes quite a change from our last dog. Shes wonderful!


Thought you'd like a quick update on Roxie (formerly Jolo). She is doing great and loves us as much as we love her! She and our other dog, Emmy, love to play and I catch them snuggling on occasion ;) She loves to cuddle and kiss. We are still working on not jumping up, but she is eager to please. We think she might be a bit bigger than expected, as she is already 40 pounds! She will be a perfect size for us :) Here is a picture of her in puppy antics literally eating our sons homework! She grabbed it out of his hand. Since it just had his name and he hadn't started working we took a picture before we took it away :) Paulette


Hi Melanie- Nice to hear from you. Cosmo has been renamed "Nico" and he is the most awesome cat I could have ever asked for. He still to this day lets me trim his claws and when I tell people that they are amazed. i told them it was because it was done at a young age and continued. He is such a cool cat. He doesn't really meow but he chirps at things(bugs, birds etc) like he's mimicking a bird. If he hears the door close to the garage where we come and go from, he will go downstairs and cry until my daughter or I say something to let him know we are still here. When my daughter is awake, he rarely rests because he always has to know what she is doing but he sleeps with us and when she is not around he gets in my lap and is my buddy when I'm working. He likes to watch TV especially my daughters show Dog with a Blog. He has never had any health issues and all in all he is a great cat. We are moving this weekend because I got married so i am hopeful that makes the transition well but I'm not worried because we will all shower him with love. Tiffane


Hi Virginia. Well, Sierra is even happier lately since I've become a stay-at-home grandma! She is just the sweetest dog, and we realize every day how perfect she is for our family! I've put on my calendar to call and schedule her physical and shots in November, and she will get her Trifexis all throughout the year, so she should be covered. We typically have our pets' teeth cleaned every couple of years, unless they need it more often. If our vet recommends it for her, we'll get it done. She's getting along better with our cat, or at least they've reached an understanding! The cat rules, of course! Lol Here are a few pics -- I hope all is well with you! Dawn

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