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Penelope, also affectionately known as "Penny", suddenly went to Rainbow Bridge. Penelope was a puppy mill survivor and spent years being bred over and over. She was rescued by T.A.R.A. in 2011, but her heart was rescued in 2012 by her fosters who adopted her, made her part of their family, and loved her unconditionally. From her adoptive mom: "Its with a heavy heart - Penelope gained her angel wings. She left me at 5.30 this morning. My heart is broken into a thousand pieces and I don't know how I can live without that snout to snuggle. I love you Penelope from the first day you were in my home, your love and tenacity, your forgiveness and your strength make me a better person for knowing you. God speed angel...love your Mum x" Penelope 05/30/2005-08/04/14

Brady captured the hearts of many TARA volunteers with his big beautiful green eyes and extremely sweet disposition. I was very lucky to care for him in the last 6 months of his life. He enriched our home and gave us so many happy memories as he loved us well. He was not only so sweet, but also funny with quirky habits. He loved water and would often get in the bath tub right after someone got out of the shower. He also drank by dipping his little black paw in the bowel and slurped it up. He often gave us gentle head butts to remind us to pet him and was a good cuddlier. His spirit will be remembered by our family and we will always cherish the time we had with him.


Wilba-Loo. Wilba-Dee. Wilba-Lee. The first time Wilbur sang for his supper, I was a goner. While my four ridiculously eager Labradors ran in circles, whined annoyingly, and raced from room to room in anticipation of the moment they’d hear the kibble hit the stainless steel bowl, Wilbur stood calmly in the middle of the den, utterly still, and lifting his head, trilled his blessing on the meal to come! He sounded like a bird, a bird with a slight growl. From there, he charmed his way into everyone’s heart, fervently wagging his entire body, and even managed to worm his way into a coveted spot on the couch. Dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture. Weren’t allowed on the furniture. He stopped singing for his supper a few weeks before the moment he was diagnosed with cancer and immediately allowed to die peacefully. Thanks to TARA, that moment took place only after a long, secure night in front of the fire and a last supper of warm turkey pot pie, saved from Thanksgiving leftovers - that, and four fun-filled months being a farm dog. We all love you, Wilbur, and your big ol’ head. It matches your big ol’ soul-searching eyes.

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